World War II Badges

World War II Badges

Combat and Special Skill Badges

Combat Infantryman Badge

Combat Medical Badge

Expert Infantryman Badge

Expert Field Medical Badge

Glider Badge

Parachutist Badge

Army and Air Force Wings

Command Pilot

Senior Pilot


Aircraft Observer

Senior Balloon Pilot

Balloon Pilot

Balloon Observer

Flying Instructor

Service Pilot

Glider Pilot

Women's Army
Service Pilot

Women's Air Force
Service Pilot

Liaison Pilot



Flight Engineer


Aircrew Member

Technical Observer

Flight Surgeon

Flight Nurse

Army Diver Badges

Master Diver

1st Class Diver

Salvage Diver

2nd Class Diver

Arms Qualification Badges


Sharpshooter and
1st Class Gunner

Marksman and
2nd Class Gunner

Army Air Force
Technician Badge

Driver and
Mechanic Badge

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