How to obtain your Military Service Records

How to obtain your Military Service Records,
Military Medical Records,
or Medals and Awards.

In order to recieve your Military Service Records/Medical Records or Medals and Awards, you should visit one of the following sites and update yourself on the information that is requested. Then download the correct form (SF-180). When completeing the form fill in as much information as possible and if possible do not leave any lines blank.

The National Archives

You may download the Form - SF-180 at the following locations:

SF-180 Request Pertaining To Military Records

The following is an excerpt from an email sent to Grunt:

I just received a reissue of the medals, ribbons, etc., that I earned while in the Military. Just for info, reissue of Navy medals takes approximately 1 year from the time the paperwork is sent in. I called the issuing office about 6 months after I submitted my paperwork and that is the info they gave me. Additionally, I was told that there is no Online record keeping of requests for medals. The paperwork is received and placed in a physical pile/stack. The forms are then processed by merit of whose paperwork is next in the stack. Thought that would be of interest.

It took a year (almost to the day) to receive my medals. Although it took an inordinate amount of time, in my opinion, it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT to get these items reissued.

Of final note, "Foreign awards, stars, badges, insignias and some ribbons are not stocked or issued" per issuing office. I had to order my Vietnam Campaign (with date scroll) and ribbon. Additionally, my good conduct medal was minus the ribbon. I also had to order 3 bronze campaign stars and a Combat "V" device.

Hope this info is of use.


Mike Turner
Amarillo, TX

Thanks, Mike! Any information you have concerning medals, ribbons, rank insignia, or the military in general is greatly appreciated.