Military Education Benefits for Dependents

Military life involves sacrifices that create stress and difficulties for military families. Being stationed overseas, frequent relocation, periods of separation and dangerous duty can all take their toll. The U.S. military recognizes the need to provide positive opportunities for quality educational experiences to those who are or have served in the military. Several scholarship and other funding opportunities are available for military servicemen and women and their dependents.

Education Benefits for Dependents

The following are brief descriptions of education benefits for dependents of military personnel.

Post-9/11 GI Bill Transfer

The Post-9/11 GI Bill Transfer allows an active duty or retired servicemember to transfer educational benefits to his or her dependents. The dependent education benefits are the same as the benefits entitled to the servicemember.

Anchor Scholarship Foundation

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University of Phoenix

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Virginia College


Education benefits for dependents of active duty or retired Navy service members who served for at least six years with the Navy's Atlantic or Pacific fleets qualify for the Anchor Scholarship. The funding may be applied to the full-time pursuit of an initial undergraduate degree.

Major General James Ursano Scholarship Program

Education benefits for dependents of active duty or retired Army personnel are available under this scholarship program. Opportunities exist to pursue an undergraduate college degree program through traditional campus-based colleges or online college programs.

Vice Admiral E.P. Travers Loan Program

Qualified Navy-Marine Corps dependents are allowed to borrow up to $3,000 in interest-free loans to defray the costs of an undergraduate degree program. Online college and traditional on-site college educations qualify. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides these dependent education benefits to personnel and dependents that live in the U.S.

Marine Corps Scholarship Program

This scholarship provides funding towards an undergraduate degree for qualifying children of Marine Corps servicemembers and Navy Corpsmen who served with the marines. The servicemember must be on active duty, honorably discharged after serving at least 90 days on active duty, serving in the reserve, or have been killed while serving. The scholarship is for full-time students.

R.O.T.C. Scholarships

Scholarships are available for two and four year educational commitments and pay for most of the tuition and fees involved in pursuing an undergraduate college degree. Graduates of the R.O.T.C. program receive military training and after successful completion of the training, become commissioned officers. A period of active duty is typically required.

Scholarships for Military Dependent Education Benefits

The Scholarship for Military Children is available to the children of both active duty and retired servicemen and women as well as to servicemembers' survivors. The funding is applied towards an initial full-time college education for dependent children that results in an undergraduate college degree.

In the end, many of these education programs are operated and administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, others are administered by nonprofit and branch-specific organizations dedicated to helping dependents of veterans and active duty servicemembers.


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