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Where do I fit in with the Post 911 GI Bill?
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I am a Major on active duty, I used the educational “Loan Repayment” option when I was recommissioned back in 2006. I used the Montgomery GI bill years ago when I was enlisted, back in the late 80’s. I have a total of 18 yrs cummlative and plan on retiring in two years. I already have a Master’s Degree. I wanted to go back to school to get a PHD in Theology from a Seminary located in Jacksonville, FL. So it would have to be by correspondence. Where do I fit in with the Post 9-11 GI Bill? Or is this type of education just not covered. Thanks - Rosa L

The Post 911 GI Bill can be used at amy Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) that offers an associates degree or higher.  Therefore this should not be of concern to you.

You mentioned doing your studies by correspondence.  If this is the route that you take the Post 911 GI Bill payments are limited to tuition and fees.  These expenses can not exceed the tuition and fees at the most expensive in-state IHL.  You will not be eligible for BAH.

For officers there are three restrictions or duty exclusions that must be taken into consideration.  They are:

  • does the active duty officer have a Service Academy graduate commitment,
  • does the active duty officer have an ROTC scholarship graduate commitment, and
  • was active duty served as a requirement for the Student Loan Repayment Plan.

By what you said in your question the third bullet comment could be problematic.  The Veterans Administration makes the final determination.  They do provide free educational counseling.  You can fill out a form to receive this counseling at  You can also contact an Educational Counselor at 1-888-442-4551. also has the ability to ask your questions on line.

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