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What will I have to pay out of pocket?
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I qualify for 70% educational benefits.  Does this mean that I pay 30% of the costs incurred or 30% if I max out tuition and fees?  Bottom line, if the maximum total fees allowed per term is $7962 and I only use $5500, does anything come out of my pocket?  Does the 70% apply to BAH as well? - Chuck

By what you have written it appears that you qualify for educational benefits under the Post 911 GI Bill.   The following response is crafted using the Post 911 GI Bill as a starting point  and can be validated at

The Post 911 GI Bill operates has three distinct benefit elements.  They are:

  • Tuition and fees are based on the in-state tuition for the highest priced public Institution of Higher Learning (IHL),
  • The monthly housing allowance (BAH) is equal to what an E5 with dependents would receive.  The home of record (HOR) is determined by the zip code of the IHL that you attend, and
  • There is up to a $1,000.00 annual stipend for books and supplies.

It looks like the $7962 referred to in your question is the highest priced public IHL in your state.  If this is accurate you would be $73.40 under the 70% benefit amount.  Should you go above the maximum rate then you want to ask if your school is participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  This program allows a participating IHL to recover excess tuition costs at no expense to students. will provide you with more information on the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Under the Post 911 GI Bill there should be no affect on your BAH or book and supplies stipend.

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