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What Type of Schooling Can I Attend Under The GI Bill
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  • Can I receive GI Benefits for helicopter pilot school? - John M

Without knowing when you served and how long you served for this question becomes somewhat difficult to answer.  You may qualify for more that one reiteration of the GI Bill. The Post 911 GI Bill does not have any funding available for earning a pilot’s license.  The one that you want to look into is the Montgomery GI Bill.

The Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty (MGIB-AD) does cover flight training.  If you qualify it can provide up to $1,368 per month for 36 months to go to school.  The qualifiers are:

  • serving at least 36 months on active duty,
  • making a $1,200 contribution to the program while on active duty,
  • not having signed a declination form,
  • having an honorable discharge, and
  • using the benefit within 10 years from the date of your discharge.

The next program to explore is the Veteran Education Assistance Program (VEAP).  This program pays for vocational flight training programs.  The qualifications are:

  • being on active duty between January 1, 177 and June 30, 1985,
  • opening a contribution account before April 1, 1987,
  • have an honorable discharge, and
  • use the benefit within 10 years of your discharge.

It would appear that you are outside the 10 year window for this program.

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