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What Is The Housing Stipend For 2010?
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I’m planning on going to school using the Post 911 GI Bill in Canada.  Since I will be considered a foreign student, I have a flat rate to which I am entitled for a housing stipend, which was $1,333.00 in 2009. What is the rate for 2010, and how can I get in writing from the VA how much I will be getting aid by month?  I’ll need that information to get an apartment where I’ll be going to school - Richard.

The best way to determine the exact amount of your benefits under the Post 911 GI Bill is to go to  You will find a benefits calculator that will give you the most current information available.  You will need to know the zip code for the school that you are attending in Canada.

Here are a few suggestions for getting the information in writing:

  • work with your school’s Veteran Service Office,
  • contact your local Veteran Service Officer.  This person can assist you in making the right connections,
  • contact your state Veteran Affairs Office,
  • contact the National Guard Headquarters of your state.  The have a J1 (Personnel) Branch in which is embedded an Education Benefits Officer and/or NCO,
  • go to and electronically ask your question, 0r
  • call 1-888-442-4551.  Once you go through the touch tone options the wait time to talk to an education benefits counselor is normally about five minutes.
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