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Having never used my VEAP benefits can I get a refund?
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I have attended college but never used my Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) Chapter 32 benefits.  I was enrolled in the program back in 1984-1986 while on active duty.  Can I get a refund after that length of time? - Michael H.

The VEAP benefits like all others has a use or lose time period.  For VEAP this is ten years from the date of your last discharge.  So you can no longer use VEAP to attend college.

There is a very complete pamphlet on VEAP that you can read at  Page 22 speaks to not using the program and seeking a refund.  It does not spell out a time limit for seeking a refund.

This would seem to give you a slim chance at still getting a refund.  Hopefully you still have the documentation from when you made VEAP contributions.  If not your local Veterans Service Officer could assist you in securing copies of these documents.

Once you have the documents you should go to, click on locations and find the contact information for your regional VA benefits office.  The other approach is to call 1-888-442-4551 and discuss your situation with a VA Educational Counselor.

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