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Can my Post 911 educational benefits be transferred to my daughter?
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Can my Post 911 educational benefits be transferred to my daughter?  I have 24 years of service and I retired on 6/2004. - James L.

James, thank you for your 24 years of service.  As a retired service member you have up to 15 years from the time of your last discharge to use the Post 911 educational benefits on your own education.  Unfortunately, the transfer of these same benefits to a spouse or dependent must have been completed while still on active duty.  You can validate this answer by going to:

This very topic has been addressed in a few other writings contained within this blog.  Two of those writings are:

Both of these articles will provide you with information about other viable avenues that could prove beneficial in funding your daughter’s college education. One of the suggestions is to look at available military scholarships.  You can do this on your own but there are so many that you may want to work either with your daughter’s high school counselor or the Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) that she is going to attend.  This could save you and your daughter hours of searching.

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