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Can I Transfer My Military Education Benefits to My Granddaughter?
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I have retired from the Army National Guard. I served on active duty from March 2003 until November 2004. I have 20 years. Under the new law, could I transfer my GI Bill to my granddaughter that we have supported and has lived in our home for 18 years? -Wallace B.

Transfer of educational benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill are available for the individual’s spouse and one or more of the individual’s children or any combination of the above. Unfortunately, the transfer provision does not apply to grandchildren.

For reserve component servicemembers, any transfer of education benefits must be done while you are still serving as a reserve component servicemember. It can not be done after retirement.

For further clarification, you can see the complete guidelines for tranfer of benefits at Another course of action is to call the Educational Benefits section in J1 at your state National Guard Headquarters.

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