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Can I revoke the transfer of my Post 911 Gi Bill to my ex-wife?
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I am wanting to revoke the transfer of my Post 911 GI Bill education benefits from my ex-wife.  If it is in the divorce agreement am I forced to let her have this benefit?  Also, my new wife is active duty and receives BAH.  With the Post 911 GI Bill does my ex-wife still collect the BAH benefits. - Brandon

Brandon, this is an important question that has been clearly addressed in several Post 911 GI Bill documents.  Every document reviewed in preparing a response for you specifically states that the Post 911 GI Bill benefits are the sole property of the service member.  They further explain that the service member has the legal right to revoke the transfer at any time.

To support this position the following documents are recommended for your review:

The above references should provide all the facts you need to understand that a divorce court can not award your Post 911 GI Bill benefits to your ex-wife against your wishes.  You and you alone retain the right to revoke these benefits at any time.  This would include the BAH benefits that you spoke of in the second half of your question.

If you have further questions or a need for the exact wording of the law contact the Veterans administration.  You will find all of their contact information at

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