Company/Troop/Battery - 60-200 Personnel

60-200 Personnel

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Company/Troop/Battery Size Symbol

The Company is a cohesive tactical sized unit that can perform a battlefield function on its own. It is capable of receiving and controlling additional combat, combat support or combat service support elements to enhance its mission capability. The Company has a small Headquarters element to assist the Commander. Typically, three to five platoons form a Company, with between 60 and 200 soldiers and 15-25 vehicles. For example, an Armor Tank Company is composed of 5 officers, 57 enlisted soldiers, 14 M1A2/A3 Main Battle Tanks and several wheeled vehicles.

The Company is normally commanded by a Captain (O-3). A First Sergeant (E-8) is the commander's principal non-commissioned assistant.


First Sergeant

Depending upon the type of unit, a Company may be called a Troop or Battery. Ground or Air Cavalry units (armor and aviation units specially trained for reconnaissance missions) refer to these elements as Troops. Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery units refer to these elements as Batteries.