Women's Army Corps Service Medal

Women's Army Corps Service Medal

Women's Army Corps Service Medal       Reverse Image Coming Soon
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1. Description: A bronze medal, 1 1/4 inches in diameter, with the head of Pallas Athene in profile facing right, superimposed on a sheathed sword cross with oak leaves and a palm branch within a circle composed of the words "WOMEN’S" in the upper half, and in the lower half "ARMY CORPS". On the reverse, within an arrangement of 13 stars, is a scroll bearing the words "FOR SERVICE IN THE WOMEN’S ARMY AUXILIARY CORPS" in front of the letters "U S" in lower relief. At the top and perched on the scroll is an eagle with wings elevated and displayed and at the bottom, the date "1942-1943".

2. Ribbon: The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches wide and consists of the following stripes: 1/8 inch Old Gold 67105; 1 1/8 inch Mosstone Green 67127; and 1/8 inch Old Gold.

3. Criteria: The Women’s Army Corps Service Medal was awarded for service in both the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps during the period 10 Jul 42 - 31 Aug 43 and the Women’s Army Corps during the period 1 Sep 43 - 2 Sep 45.

4. Components: The following are authorized components of the Women’s Army Corps Service medal:

    a. Medal (regular size): MIL-DTL-3943/199.

    b. Medal (miniature size): MIL-STD-3943/199. Available commercially.

    c. Ribbon: MIL-STD-11589/153. Available commercially.

    d. Lapel Button: Available commercially.

5. Background: a. The Women’s Army Corps Service Medal was established by Executive Order 9365 and promulgated in War Department Bulletin 17, 1943.

    b. Proposed designs were submitted to the Secretary of War for approval on 12 Dec 44 and approved by the Secretary on 16 Dec 44. The design by Mr. Thomas Hudson Jones, Heraldic Branch, Office of the Quartermaster General, has Pallas Athene, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts. The ribbon colors are the branch colors of the Women’s Army Corps.