Marine Corps Security Guard Ribbon

Marine Corps Security Guard Ribbon

Marine Corps Security Guard Ribbon
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a. Eligible Personnel. Marines possessing MOS 8151 who are serving with the Marine Security Guard Battalion (MSGBN) or previously served with the MSGBN in MOS 8151 billets are eligible to receive the MSGR. MCGBN personnel are also eligible to receive the ribbon; however, personnel serving at the Headquarters, MSGBN are not eligible. Additionally, the following personnel are also eligible to receive the MSGR:

(1) Training Personnel: DIR of MSG School/BN COMDR; OIC of MSG School; Operations Officer MSGBN; Assistant OPS Officer MSGBN; and SGTMAJ of MSGBN.

(2) Command Personnel: Lettered Company CDR/XO/OPS Inspecting Officers/1STSGTs; and MSGBN XO.

b. Award Criteria

(1) Marines assigned to Marine Security Guard duty (MOS 8151) will be eligible to receive the ribbon upon completion of 24 months service at a foreign service establishment. Subsequent awards will be made for every 24 months served, either consecutively or cumulatively.

(2) Marines who served successful tours at a lettered company headquarters within MSGBN or HQ MSGBN, Quantico are not eligible to receive this award.

(3) Posthumous Awards. The MCDIR may be awarded posthumously without regard to period of service.

(4) Marines transferred early for the good of the Marine Corps must serve a minimum of 12 months on the program before qualifying for the award. Personnel relieved 'for cause' from the duty will not be eligible for the ribbon.

c. Definition. For the purpose of determining eligibility for this award, the following definition applies: Marine Security Guard Duty. Duty performed at a Department of State overseas post in an 8151 MOS billet after graduation from the Marine Security Guard School at MSGBN Headquarters. This includes Company D located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

d. Precedence and Subsequent Awards. The MSGR will be after the MCDIR and before the AFRM. Second and subsequent awards will be denoted by 3/16-inch bronze stars. A 3/16-inch silver star will be worn in lieu of the sixth award. The award consists of a ribbon bar only. No citation or certificate will be issued.

e. Retroactive Awards. The MSGR will be awarded retroactive to 28 Jan 49, the date which the first MSGs departed Washington DC for their overseas assignments. One award is authorized for the periods 28 Jan 49 to 15 Aug 74, regardless of qualifying periods.

f. Awarding Authority. Authority to award the MSGR is delegated to commanding officers.

g. Action by Commanding Officers. For those individuals currently serving on MSG duty, commanding officers will ensure they have met all criteria set forth above and will record an entry in the Marine's service record book denoting the issuance of the award. For those personnel not currently on MSG duty, commanding officers shall determine eligibility from the member's service record and, if eligible, award the ribbon.

h. Waivers. Requests for waivers will be submitted to Commanding Officer, MSGBN, Quantico, VA.