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Do You have any information that explains the DEA (Chapter 35 ) assistance program?
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My husband is a veteran and I am interested in going back to school to get my LPN and use the DEA (Chapter 35) assistance program.  I have not been able to to find any specific information on this program.  I know it can pay up to $925.00 a month, but not what it covers, etc.  Do you have any information to explain the program a little better?  Also, what are some other options I might have to help pay for additional expenses?  Thank you very much for your time. - Jennifer

The first place you can go is to  This  33 page pamphlet should answer most of the questions you have about DEA.

There are other options available to you.  Not knowing when your husband served or if he is still serving he may be able to transfer his unused portion of the Post 911 GI Bill to you.

It might also be beneficial to look into the wide variety of military scholarships that are available to spouses.

You also want to look at what your particular state offers.  Another course of action is to look at what your state offers.  All 50 states and three of the four territories have a variety of educational benefits available to  veterans, spouses and dependents.  You can find what your state has to offer by going to Select your state and see what they have to offer you.

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