Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal

Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal

Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal       Reverse Image Coming Soon
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1. Description: A bronze medal, 1 1/4 inches in diameter, consisting of a faceted twelve-pointed star with a beveled edge, the points surmounting a wreath of laurel and bearing on a disc within a smaller wreath of laurel, a torch between two swords crossed saltirewise, points up and flanked by two mullets. The reverse has the cuirass from the Department of the Army seal centered below "ARMY NATIONAL GUARD" or "UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE" and above "FOR ACHIEVEMENT".

2. Ribbon: A 1 3/8 inches wide ribbon consisting of the following stripes: 5/16 inch Old Gold 67105; 1/8 inch Ultramarine Blue 67118; 1/16 inch White 67101; center 3/8 inch Scarlet 67111; 1/16 inch White; 1/8 inch Ultramarine Blue; and 5/16 inch Old Gold.

3. Criteria: The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity while serving as a member of an Army National Guard or Army Reserve Troop Program Unit for each four year period since 3 March 1972. Effective 28 March 1995, the period of qualifying service for the award was reduced from four years to three years; however, this change was not retroactive. Service must have been consecutive and service performed in the Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard may not be credited for award of this medal. The member must have exhibited honest and faithful service in accordance with the standards of conduct, courage and duty required by law and customs of the service of a member of the same grade as the individual to whom the standard is being applied. A member must be recommended for the award by his/her unit commander.

4. Components: The following are authorized components of the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal:

    a. Medal (regular size): MIL-DTL-3943/200. NSN 8455-00-464-2138 (National Guard) and 8455-00-464-2149 (Army Reserve) for set which includes full size medal and ribbon bar.

    b. Medal (miniature size): MIL-DTL-3943/200. Available commercially.

    c. Ribbon: MIL-DTL-11589/196. NSN 8455-00-464-2149.

        d. Lapel Button (metal replica of ribbon): MIL-DTL-11484/101. Available commercially.

5. Background: a. The Commanding General, U.S. Continental Army Command, recommended adoption of a medal for the Reserve Components that would be comparable to the Good Conduct Medal for the Active Army on 11 August 1969. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, on 29 January 1970, requested The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH) provide proposed designs for consideration by the Secretary of the Army. Designs were submitted in May 1970 and the Secretary of the Army approved the award on 3 March 1971.

    b. The star symbolizes achievement and its twelve points refer to measurement of time and to the sustained meritorious service. The inner disc represents a circle of perfection and bears the torch for guidance and the laurel for honor and glory. The two swords, one for active and one for reserve, attest to eternal readiness and the two stars symbolize equality of effort. The red, white and blue of the ribbon, our National colors, stand for patriotism. The gold symbolizes merit.

    c. The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal may be awarded to enlisted personnel and officers in the grade of Colonel or below. Subsequent awards are reflected by the attachment of an oak-leaf cluster to the ribbon.